Justin Latimer

Cloud9 Workspace Disk Quota

I've been working on a new project on the bus, using the new Cloud9 IDE. It's in C++ using boost. I'm experimenting with using GYP to build boost and using a git submodule to include a specific version of boost from the boost github superproject.

So far this approach is working well, but there is one problem: the history of the boost superproject is quite large. I was getting pretty close to the disk space limit of my Cloud9 workspace (1.5GB quota, 32MB remaining), and was getting a little red warning banner at the top of the screen every time I loaded it. But yesterday when I loaded my workspace, I got a migrating screen. When it finished, I didn't get a warning.

Sure enough, when I checked quota -s the results were as below:

Size  Used Avail  Use%
4.7G  1.4G  3.2G   30%

I checked and I couldn't find any announcements about increased disk space, so I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'm certainly not complaining! Thanks Cloud9!